Sketching in Antarctica

King Penguins, Saunders Island, Falklands

The impressions of Antarctica are indeed powerful but nature doesn’t let you linger on a moment; it seems to enhance, replace or change its colour. It is almost impossible to grab, even fleetingly – which is what I was attempting. Consequently the sketches are probably more genuine for that. Time was not forgiving, the temperature not in the equation.

The Antarctic touches the soul and heightens the feelings of spiritual landscape. You must gather the memories of the exceptional glory and keep them tight inside.

I am currently working in my studio on larger paintings that are dependent on all my senses and memories, of which there are many still, but it is more of a challenge.


“I now belong to a higher cult of mortals for I have seen an Albatross” Robert Cushman Murphy

“Unfathomable nothingness” Monet

“Incredible Infinity” Sally Milligan


The pictures below are available to buy unframed. Prices do not include framing or postage (if required)